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Start today to receive your Subscription Repair, every month. There will be free business startup videos once you become a member. There will be monthly gifts mailed to winners and subscribers who participate in games. You have to be a member to take advantage of these benefits. All money giveaways and gifts will be announced on "Credit Black Cards" business page. Sign up today to be a member and join the luxury of KNOWLEDGE, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, & THE POWER OF CREDIT.


$29.99 Subscription Plan

You can subscribe for $29.99 a month to receive monthly repairs, You will have 2 items filed per account listed on your credit report that will go out each month. If you fall under all 7 accounts, you will require the next Subscription. This plan only files a sum of 5 accounts each month.

$49.99 Subscription Plan 

You can subscribe for $49.99 a month to receive monthly credit repairs every month. Your repairs will have up to 10 items filed. A total of 10 accounts will be filed each month if you fall under all 7 accounts.

BONUS: A complimentary point form is included after 45 days of services.

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