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Petition letters are Legally binding letters that go out to the creditors and companies to further dispute your items in which are removable by statue or removable through Legal Summoning. Here are three Petitions that you can choose from to write off your wrongs the Legal way.


Late Payment Petition


We all know keeping up with your payments are not as easy as most think. Times get hard and you tend to fall behind. That's where we come in. We send out forgiveness letters petitioning your late payments to be honored for removal.

Collection Petition


You have have old accounts that are suppose to be removed due to the 7 year statue and it has yet to be removed (or) you have debt that is not reporting correctly; that's where we come in. We send out your Collection petitions for each account and request it's proper information be reported and the account be waived due to it's ineligibility. 

Cease & Desist Petition


Everyone receives inquiries on their credit which comes from Social Security Number reporting. Anytime you give your Social Security Number out, you will receive an inquiry. Whether it's an Auto loan, Home Approval request, or Business Application applied to; you will have a reporting inquiry. Most times it's inquiries that you have zero knowledge of and that's where we come in.

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