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If you wish to have your credit assessed and looked over for the purchasing of any one of our many packages; you may do so by calling in to have your credit accessed. You can also pay here and we'll assess your credit for as little as $60. Just fill out the submission form on our contact page and call in to speak to one of our exceptional representatives.



Bills You Can Add To Your Banking Profile To Boost Your Credit

Add These Items:

~Electric Bill 

~Wireless Bill

~Gas Bill 

~Water Bill 

~Cable Bill

~ADT Home Security

~Insurance Bill (ANY)

~Mortgage Payment

~Car Payment


*Pay down all balances (credit cards, car notes, mortgage payments, etc)

*Utilization should always be under 30% which means do not spend more than 70% of your credit limit. 

*Refrain from having your credit pulled more then 5 times a year. Stay under 5 inquires per year.

*Add a tradeline to your credit to add history and positive reporting (removing these tradelines may cause point deduction due to your history changing. The more history you add to your credit the better).

*Any debts owed that are not more then 4 years old needs to be paid unless satisfied in court or by creditor. 

Adding These Accounts To Your Credit File Can Raise Your Score Tremendously. 

NOTE: Be sure to have your personal information updated before adding these accounts as they have to be verified to the bureaus before points can be added to your credit. Also, be sure to refresh your credit report before assuming you haven't received a credit update. 

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