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 Black Credit Legal Group

My name is Cattina C. Coleman-Kennedy, and I created an alternative way to get your Collections, Public Records, and Inquiries Petitioned off by way of Writing something as simple as a Petition letter. We request the invalid accounts be Petitioned off for inaccuracies or if the statute of limitations has expired.  BLACK CREDIT LEGAL GROUP will fight hard to request the removal of any and all accounts. We can file Petition letters for up to three months depending on the package you choose.

Here at BLACK CREDIT LEGAL GROUP we do things different. No more Bureau disputes; we fight in a more Legal proactive way. We have created a more powerful way to request your accounts to be resolved or deleted by way of Petition Writing. These letters are professionally written to force these businesses and companies to remove your accounts with little to no questions asked. We Petition your accounts to assure you how effective our business is in Writing off your wrongs to make your accounts Right again.


Our Legal Team

Your Goals is Our Mission

Robert Dickens


I've been Executing Legal Dispositions for over 20 years. You will be redirected to my office for Legal matters that are out of your control and will soon be within mine.


 Ethan Handshire

Business Lawyer

Ethan here...

I am honored to be of assistance to Credit Black Legal Group as I have successfully done a thorough background check on the work and efforts this office has upheld for the past 5 years. I will be of great assistance in the business aspect of your Legal needs.

Andy Anderson

Legal Assistant 

My job should be the only job that allows my greatest efforts in assisting in any and all Transcripts and overseeing Petition Summonses in which this office issues by way of express and Priority mail.

Cattina C. Coleman



I am the Founder of Black Credit Legal Group. I have built this company from the ground up and I am very proud to be announcing my own Legal Team. 

Please welcome, Robert, Ethan, and Andy

What our Clients are saying

Hands down the best Credit Repair Company I have seen in a long time. I was excited and overwhelmed at the same time to have been receiving such wonderful services by such a wonderful woman such as Mrs. Coleman. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now I can say I am a home owner just like you because of you......

Carmen Diaz - Client of CREDIT BLACK LEGAL GROUP

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